Thursday, June 25, 2009

I'm not so quick at catching on...

So here's the thing...

We've been engaged for more than a month and I've worn the ring every day.  I've poured over AT LEAST a million bridal magazines and I've even gone dress shopping and still...

I know it hasn't sunk it yet.  I just can't fully grasp it...

I was sitting in my cubicle (at my new job) a couple days ago and I just started tearing up.  Suddenly, I was just overwhelmed with how much I love him and how blessed I am and how wonderful a life I'm living.

So I'm thinking, when it really does sink in... when I really realize that we are actually finally getting married FOREVER... well then, I'm afraid my heart might just burst with happiness.


Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Wondering What We've Been Up To?

Here's the skinny...

We've spent a lot of the last few weeks with the Curtis' in Brentwood. It's the only place we get to eat real home-cooked meals every night and study up on their extensive movie collection. The Curtis' are all in on the wedding planning and even the boys tolerate talk of wedding dress styles and cake frosting options. Lita even got us started on our registry... what a whirlwind! At some point, all toasters look alike and placemats begin to blur together. It was a lot of fun though and we certainly felt accomplished when we finished!

Next, we drove down to Orange County to see the Richards' and got to visit with a lot of extended family and friends during a backyard BBQ. All together, we celebrated four birthdays, two graduations, an anniversary and our engagement!

Back in San Jose, we've become a bit addicted to our tech toys. We seem to be constantly figuring out new features on the iPhones Mike and Lita gave us as an engagement present. We can do everything from surf the web to get the daily surf report and send emails, text messages and digital greeting cards. On top of that, we have been working out every day with the Wii workout games ("Fit" and "Active"). They may seem like video games, but we sure are feeling the burn. What can we say? We're just geeks!

Tay and Tobes

Meet Taylor!
She's Jake's big sister and soon she's gonna be mine too!
She's a teacher, apparently likes grape popsicles and
guess what!?... she's going to be my Maid of Honor!
(that's "MOH" for those in the know...)