Thursday, December 17, 2009

I'm Terrible at Blogging: An Update

I've realized that I'm terrible at blogging. I'm worse at blogging than I am at scrapbooking. The problem is that both of them require you to step back from making memories, put them into words and paste some pretty pictures with them. Thats a challenge for me. Most of the time I'd rather blast forth, head first at light speed into life and making more memories than scribble them down... and it makes my blog so sad! Thats why I'm getting a head start on my first New Year's Resolution... improving my blogging skills. Lets get started with an update...

We just wrapped up the Fall semester and it feels so good! It was Jake's last Fall at SJSU, so it was a little bittersweet. I'm sure it will be weird a year from now when he is leaving for work and I'm still going to class, but I'm proud of him. Bonus, graduating from San Jose State in four years flat is a MIRACLE these days... his commemorative plaque is in the mail. We finished our finals yesterday and we're confident we both did pretty well.

Jake carrying me through the Fall semester.
Those cute Fall boots don't always feel so nice!

Another reason I got so far behind on my blogging is that I moved mid-semester! I'm currently living in the studio apartment that Jake and I will share after the wedding. We are really excited that this will be our very own place. It's one of those bedroom/main room, kitchen/living room, bathroom/closet kind of places, but it's cozy. I didn't spring for cable, so we spend a lot of time cooking, talking and watching movies. It's been a fun way to spend the beginning of our winter, which has been icy cold (for California). I really think that the new
apartment deserves more attention, so stay tuned and I'll do a whole post on it... complete with pictures.

I took on a brand new opportunity this semester and became a colony member of the newest sorority on campus, Alpha Xi Delta. Our motto is "Realize Your Potential" and I've always believed that the purpose of a sorority, when carried out correctly, was to enhance the skills, confidence, knowledge, morals and lives of the women who joined. They must have seen potential in me too, because they appointed me Colony President. Its a full time job representing and guiding 45 beautiful and talented ladies, but I love them all and that makes it worth it every single day. Its also great to know that my fiance supports me and understands my desire to build this organization. I think he's proud that I'm following in his footsteps, since he was a founding father of the California Zeta chapter of Sigma Alpha Epsilon just a couple of years ago and has kept the dream going since. No pressure on our future children or anything... but Mommy and Daddy are both real go-getters (and they better be legacies)! Our colony will officially be installed as a chapter at the end of January and I'm sure it will be an amazing start to our Spring semester.

Some of my Best Friends and Brand New Sisters.

The in-laws finally met over Thanksgiving and, surprisingly, there was a lack of fireworks. Everybody got along and our mothers chatted the entire weekend away. We took my parents to see the wedding location and now I have a sneaking suspicion that my mother is planning a coup. I've been told we ARE having a big cake, lots of flowers and a chocolate fountain.

You'd think we would do some relaxing over break... but the fun never stops with us! We are headed off to Chicago with the Curtis Family in a couple days. We are going to be visiting Jake's Mom's family and staying through Christmas. It's my first time really visiting Chicago and I'm excited for the sightseeing, shopping and to freeze to death in 20 degree weather. As soon as we step off the plane home, we'll pull an all-nighter down to Orange County for some late Christmas celebrations and New Years with my family. We figure we only have to keep up the back and forth until we have our own kids... then the grandparents have to come to us! We promise to upload pictures and news from Chicago and Southern California as soon as we can.

Well, I'm all blogged out now, so I think I'll wrap it up here. Check back soon to hold me accountable for my promises!

Wishing all of you Peace, Warmth and Rest,