Monday, May 18, 2009

Our Engagement Story!

According to Tobi:

Jake and I had been talking about tying the knot for a while, and recently, our conversations had even ventured to talking about getting engaged soon. Being the planner that I am, I bought a couple wedding magazines (as a warm up) and was on my toes waiting for a proposal. So when Jake randomly offered to take me out to “our place” (the Loft Bar and Bistro), I was sure it was finally going to happen.

I got all dressed up and Jake even managed to find parking in Downtown San Jose on a Friday evening. At our table on the patio, I was just WAITING for it. I’m not sure if I even talked much (surprising, I know) because I was trying to anticipate his next move. Usually, the patio is just us, but that night there seemed to be a lot of other celebrations going on and lots of other people sitting around us. We got all the way through our meal and Jake paid the bill and I was confused.

As we left the restaurant and headed back to my place with plans of checking movie times and heading out for a show and then a Safeway dessert at my apartment, my mind was reeling! Had he been planning to propose and changed his mind? Had I just falsely assumed that it was THE night? Did he really just buy me a nice dinner on our college budget with no ulterior motive? Had I been reading WAY to many wedding magazines? I made a vow to put them away as soon as we got home until we were actually engaged.

Luckily, it wouldn’t be too long...

We had just stepped into my apartment and I was turning on lights, when he grabbed my hand and pulled me close. He said he had wanted to ask me at the restaurant but... and got on his knee! He told me he loved me and he wanted to continue our lives together and would I marry him! I was so shocked and surprised that I’m still not sure I said the right thing, but I do know that I said “YES”! I’ll never forget how Jake “faked me out” on our engagement night!

According to Jake:

I had had my Great Grandma Nettie’s engagement ring for about three weeks, waiting for the perfect moment. Sitting around on Friday, relaxing in front of the TV, I nonchalantly suggested we go out and enjoy ourselves, even though we didn’t have any money to eat-out fancy. I knew she may have a hint about a proposal because after constant detective work she surmised that my mom “wasn’t wearing Grandma Netty’s ring anymore” but I had thrown her off track with “she doesn’t wear it that much anyways”.

There was no reason in particular that made that night stand out as “the night”...other than my love for her. We went to our favorite restaurant. She was practically wearing her anticipation it was so obvious. We had our spot on our usually private patio, but tonight wasn’t a usual, quiet night at The Loft.

After we were seated and had received our drinks, I saw my opening… until the waitress asked us for more bread. I was about to spit out “NO!”, but Tobi got out a “yes please” before me. As the waitress left to go and get our second helping of bread I told myself “once she drops off our bread there would be plenty of time”. Then the server brought out two guys, one donning a cowboy hat, and sat them down right behind me. Before they were given menus, they asked the waitress, as she brought out our bread, for four Jager bombs... NOT classy. To my amazement, a few minutes later the “loud and obnoxious newly 21 year old party” was seated with us as well. Again, NOT classy... of all nights. My picture perfect Loft proposal was ruined by party hooligans!

Some talk of continuing the night at a movie and a last minute dessert kept her mind on the fact that there was no proposal until I could figure out plan B. I told myself I already had the ring, it didn’t happen where it obviously would have, why wait for another day? Her apartment would do just fine and she wouldn’t be expecting that at all! As soon as she turned on the lights, I grabbed her hand, got on my knee and told her that I loved her, wanted to spend the rest of my life with her and asked her if she wanted to marry me? Tears filled her eyes and she stuttered YES’s. She was shocked. I’ll never forget surprising Ms. Unsurprisable.


  1. Congratulations little girl. I'm very happy for you. Enjoy this time, just remember it's the marriage that's the most important, not the wedding!!! Love you. Luanne

  2. funny! how awesome i remember feeling antsy to get proposed to too! hahaha.

  3. Congrats Tobi!!! Glad to see you doing well. This is an awsome time...Enjoy it before life gets really crazy!! Love ya, Amanda