Monday, October 18, 2010

A Weekend With The Curtises

Before we get started... a quick grammar lesson:
First off, let me direct your attention to the title of this post. Notice the part that says "Curtises". Yup, thats right.... Curtises. That is the correct plural formation of our last name. It's special because it ends with an "s" The funny part is, I have had a last name that ends with "s" my whole life (Richards before this) and I only just this minute got around to figuring out how to use it. I feel like a burden has been lifted!

A weekend with the Curtis's.
A weekend with the Curtis'.
A weekend with the Curtiss.
A weekend with the Curtises!

I won't even bore you with the possessive forms, but I'm very excited about this new discovery.

Moving on...
We had a fantastic weekend. The kind that was so wonderful and enjoyable that we want to relive it a little by sharing it with you.

Thursday Night:
In San Jose, the weekend starts on Thursday night. This last Thursday we got to go out to celebrate our good friend Carolyn's 22nd birthday. It was super fun because we saw a lot of friends we haven't in a while, like Megan and Sara (you can check out those babes here). Sara even camped out on our couch! A.k.a. Sara and I chatted late into the night, while Jake fell asleep.

Jake had to work on Friday, but I had a totally free day. Sara and Megan were still in town, so we made it our personal mission to have the best Friday ever. We accomplished this by staying in our sweats the whole day and following the following itenerary:

10:00am - wake up
10:30am - get bagels at House of Bagels
11:00am - begin Bones Marathon
12:00pm - get ice cream and candy at 7-Eleven, mix a batch of chocolate chip cookies
12:30pm - more episodes of Bones
1:30pm - take out lunch from Sa-By Thai
2:00pm - more episodes of Bones and napping

By 5:30 Jake was home from work and jealous of what a great day we had. No worries though, he got to get in on the fun when we went to hang out with some new friends for a game night. We played a game called Settlers of Catan. Super fun, but not easy for beginners or people who are easily distracted (like me). The game got pretty intense and we ended up playing until 1am!

Saturday morning was a great one for sleeping in and making a delicious pancake breakfast together. We ran some errands and attended the Saturday evening service at church, which focused on building memorials to God and his goodness in our lives. Afterwards, we made a couple dozen muffins for a group breakfast the next day and caught up on episodes of our favorite shows.

We got up early Sunday morning to meet with members of our church small group for a big breakfast before going to the Silicon Valley Walk for Aids together. The walk wound 5.2 miles through the Guadalupe River Park in downtown San Jose. It felt great to be supporting such an important cause, being involved in our community and getting some good exercise. It rained almost the whole day, but we enjoyed the cool fall weather. Afterwards, Jake and I broke off from the group and got a big lunch from Chipotle. We cuddled up on the couch to eat burritos and watch Dexter, but after all the walking, we ended up falling asleep.

That night we drove down to Watsonville (about an hour away) to have dinner with my grandmother who was in town. It was nice seeing her after a long time and a great wrap up to a busy weekend.


  1. we love settlers of catan!!!! how about you come camp out on our futon on a friday and we can play!

  2. you're too cute mergan. i feel like i could get very obsessed with that game. good thing we don't own it. i would love to play with you... if only you weren't on a different continent.

  3. ... best friday ever, reminds me that life can wait and that time with friends is invaluable. Love you forever, like you for always, as long as I'm living my friend you'll be. <3