Monday, November 1, 2010

Until Next Year...

October is over, but I can safely say that we enjoyed it as much as we possibly could have. We checked off a good portion of our bucket list and destroyed our apartment by baking and crafting like maniacs. We made costumes and decorations, baked pumpkin and banana bread and lit every candle in our apartment. We rocked October. Here are some pictures from the last weekend of celebration...

Halloween Party #2
(Also Steven's Birthday)
Friday Night
I'm a coral reef, of course!

Some of our small group!

Scotty the Lumber Jack

Mandi & Me

Tobi, Whitney & Mandi

Halloween Party #3
Sunday Night

Jake was so sweet!
He spent a whole day cutting bats!

Jon and Whitney's very convincing nerd costumes.

Overall, we have a bit of a Halloween hangover and I'm not sure our apartment will ever recover. We had a blast, but we're happy to coast through November. We want to take it easy for a bit, gather our wits about us and come back again for Christmas. Jake said we can get a small tree this year! Oh, Joy!!!

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