Sunday, July 3, 2011

Decoration Inspiration: Master Bedroom

We've been packing, sorting and planning for our new apartment for a couple weeks now and we are starting to get pretty excited. We want to try some new design ideas in our new place: bold patterning, industrial touches and introducing a lot more color. We've been selling some of our more monotone furniture and looking for inspiration for new pieces. With our new rent, decorating the apartment is going to be a gradual process, but we have some great ideas and projects to start with.

One of the rooms I'm really excited about is the master bedroom. I knew I wanted to go with a whimsical pattern behind the bed after I learned that Sherwin-Williams produces a line of removable wallpapers. Then, after I saw some features on Apartment Therapy about hot pink accents, I fell in love with the idea of doing two hot pink bedside tables. I thought Jake would never go for it, but he is completely on board. Here's an inspiration board I came up with for the room:


  1. I've seen that chandelier lamp thing before..and I'm SO obsessed with it. I absolutely LOVE the all of your design ideas and the elements that make up your dream bedroom look. I hope you are able to do it!!
    on the note of being creative, and having design ideas...i think we HAVE to have a craft weekend of something...I am dying to make those friendship bracelets you sent me a link about...i just want to go all sorts of craft crazy!! hope you're visiting soon!

  2. I would love to get crafty with you! Loving your blog too! Hoping we can visit soon, but we are moving into our new place next week and headed to Europe in a month, so things are pretty busy right now. Love you!