Thursday, June 16, 2011

Laundry Night Meets Date Night

Last night was a little adventure that reminded us why we love living downtown as much as we hate it and how we never want our love to get old enough that it doesn't crave an occasional detour. We had bags and bags of laundry that we had been avoiding, since trips to the laundry mat are annoying and time consuming. The laundry mat is only a few blocks away and so is one of our favorite restaurants, The Garage. So, to sweeten a sour chore, we hatched a plan to throw in our whites, lights, colors and towels and then sneak away to The Garage for dinner. They have a great patio that allows us to bring the pup and is so nice on summer nights. A folk band called Wild Reeds was playing on the patio. They were quite good. We feasted on maple lacquered chicken, peppercorn crusted tri tip, roasted spring veggies and sweet potato fries. What could be better than a warm and delicious summer date where the laundry gets done?

1 comment:

  1. Um that seems like pretty much the perfect date of the century...and it's so productive!! Way to spruce up a trip to the laundromat! When I used to go..i would sit there trying to stay awake haha.