Friday, March 11, 2011

It's My Birthday and I'll Blog If I Want To

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! I'm 23. Couldn't avoid it. Had a fantastic day. Birthday presents from my hubs at midnight, breakfast with my best friend in the morning, lunch with my bosses, then rehearsal and dinner for my sister-in-laws wedding. As my present to myself this year, I've written down my 25 by 25 list. Here are the things I hope to accomplish in the next two years.

Already in Progress:
1. Graduate from SJSU with a degree in advertising.
2. Travel to Europe. We're booked for Italy and Greece in August.
3. Improve my credit score.
4. Complete the Susan G. Komen 3-Day for the Cure. I'm signed up for the Bay Area Walk in September. Now all I have to do is raise $2,300! Want to help? Check here.
5. Learn another language. We're learning conversational Italian for our trip.

Haven't Started Yet:
6. Get pregnant.
7. Start my own small business.
8. Buy a car.
9. Get a puppy.
10. Take a sewing class.
11. Get a bicycle.
12. Visit Mexico.
13. Get a credit card that earns airline miles.
14. Build my first real craft room.

15. Add at least 24 new recipes to my cooking repertoire.
16. Buy many many more pairs of wedges.
17. Learn to read the scriptures more.
18. Go to Cambria as often as possible.
19. Lose the weight I've gained in college.
20. Be better at journaling and scrapbooking.
21. Build my big girl wardrobe.
22. Be a better sister to my siblings.
23. Write more.
24. Drink much more water.
25. ... This one's personal and not for sharing on the internet, but it's a good one!


  1. alex bought me sewing classes for my birthday! I've had one class so far and it was so fun- I highly recommend!!!!!!!

  2. I like your goals....may I make a suggestion or two. Skip Mexico...gross. Stash me into your suitcase for Italy. Wait for a puppy, until the baby comes, then wait another 5 years. Keep reading the scriptures...makes for happy life/marriage. Tell your family you love them, even when you don't think you do. XOXO