Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Secret to Living in 310 Square Feet

When people find out how small our apartment is, the first question they ask is, "How do you both live here without killing each other?"

Honestly, I think they question is a little silly.

"I dunno." I answer, "I guess we just really like each other."

The second question they ask is, "How do you fit all your stuff in?"

This, my friends, is the secret to living in 310 square feet:

You learn to edit.

Everything you own falls somewhere on a scale. The more useful it is or the more you love it, the higher it is on the scale. You start filling your place from the top of the scale and when your home is full (and I mean reasonably full in an organized fashion), that's it. That gives some people the heebie jeebies, but I have to say... there is nothing you HAVE TO HAVE that doesn't fit in 310 square feet... unless you have kids, then other rules apply.

It certainly doesn't mean you can't keep things that you love, you just have to love them A LOT. To prove my point, I'll tell you that our apartment holds several treasured items that are hardly necessities: a cricut, a surfboard and enough dishes to serve 12 guests stylishly.

We also have a rule in our house... sometimes it is mentioned, but mostly it is just known and assumed; For everything that comes in, something has to go out. Almost every time we set out to buy something new (furniture, clothes, gadgets), we have something to drop off at Salvation Army.

So thats that. Love it or leave it... it's our secret to living in 310 square feet.

New clothes bought on a shopping trip with friends this weekend.

Old clothes that I no longer wear in a stack to go to Salvation Army.

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