Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Before & After: A Bathroom Miracle

A miracle occurred this last week in the Curtis house. Our apartment is changed forever. On Thursday night, we had an idea that was a little bit crazy. It was less than two days before our housewarming party, but we just couldn't resist updating the bathroom a "little bit". Just a little bit of paint, a few of screws and a couple of late nights later, we are crazy about our transformed bathroom.

Our old bathroom was dreary. The paint was bland it it seemed that everything on the walls had been repurposed from a dorm bathroom somewhere. The main mirror actually had a seam right through the middle and the shelf was stainless steal. While replacing a turquoise towel bar that we thought was plastic, we discovered that it was made of porcelain! Don't even ask Jake about the "toilet paper holder".


We found a cotton shower curtain at Bed, Bath & Beyond that matched the teal and tan towels we were given and brought in some of the chocolate brown from the rest of the house. We picked a cheery teal color for to brighten up the trim and accent the doors (Jake wants me to assure you that we used Valspar paint from Lowes because he doesn't like Home Depot and won't let me shop there). We refinished a mirror and a shelf from HomeGoods with silver spray paint and lacquer. We moved some silver frames from the main room to put a little bit of texture on the wall and replaced most of the the hardware. We replaced the towel bars with hooks. We like the way they look and they require a lot less folding. We painted the cabinet with a dark brown color that we already had and accessorized it with some fun Crate & Barrel doo-dads (alarm clock, zarha vase, and axis candleholder). We also found a laundry sorter from Target that fit perfectly into our nook. Lastly, we spray painted some crates from the wedding and used them to store our towels. We absolutely love the final product, it feels like a little piece of spa to us. What do you think?



  1. Why doesn't Jake like Home Depot? Where I live, the Home Depot staff are wonderful, and as far as prices go, it's a toss-up as to whether HD or Lowe's will have better. But since I can count on better service at HD, that's where I prefer to go.

  2. Jake doesn't like HomeDepot because he says they are dirtier and he doesn't like getting attitude when he asks where something is. I have to say, back home in SoCal, I never went to a Lowes and HomeDepot was just fine as far as I was concerned, but up here, the Lowes do seem cleaner and much much more helpful. I think its definitely a region thing! If HomeDepot works for you than by all means, do it up! Jake is highly opinionated!

  3. stop it. i LOVE all your home improvement projects so far. you should have your own show on HGTV.