Monday, July 5, 2010

Happy Month-iversary!

Jake and I have been married for one month today. We know we have many many more to go, but we like to celebrate the little things. An old friend reminded me that anniversaries only come once a year, so I suppose this is a month-iversary.

We were driving home from a terrifically fun Fourth of July weekend in SoCal and, in true Jake and Tobi style, created an adventure from scratch. We hadn't really planned anything before we started our trip, but by the time we hit Ventura, we had decided to stop in at our honeymoon spot on the way home to celebrate. We walked the beach, watched surfers, ate at our favorite Cambria restaurant and took a couple hours to relax and wish each other a happy month-iversary.

Happy Month-iversary, Babe. Everyday feels like the honeymoon with you.

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