Thursday, July 15, 2010

Opinion: Looks Great or Feels Great?

So lets say there is this chair...

Its a gorgeous chair. In fact its the Ankara Chair from Crate & Barrel. So there is this chair and every single time I go to Crate & Barrel, I just stare at it for a minute. It makes me so happy and I want it... and then I sit down... and truthfully, its just not very comfy. Anyways, I pretend that it doesn't matter because its beautiful and sometimes beauty trumps comfort, right? Its that beautiful... right?

But then I'll sit down in a different chair, like a big leather recliner (this one is the Carlton Recliner, also from Crate & Barrel). It doesn't do anything for me in the design department, but I suddenly want to set up camp and spend the night in it.

What about you? Do you have crushes on chairs you wouldn't sit in? What do you think is more important when it comes to furniture? Beauty or Comfort?


  1. Oh, and please do not get me wrong... I can't afford either of these chairs anyways!

  2. i think you should get the beautiful chair with the geometric cut outs because you have that very comfortable lovesac couch already. balance!

  3. I think that you should just stop going into Crate and Barrel until you have a larger apartment... :)

  4. My mom has the leather IS comfortable. Now the wood chair...think plane ticket to Greece. Which would you like?