Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Its been a while...

Its been a while since I've posted on our blog. Sorry about that! Sometimes life gets busy and you have to step away from the key board and wrestle it head on. Plus, it never hurts to get away for some fresh air and inspiration. Heres a little update about where we've been since the last time we posted...

It seems like we work a lot these days. Remember when summer was about watching "Friends" re-runs and sleeping as much as possible... what happened to that!? Jake is working full time at the firm and I have an easy 10-2pm schedule working for the school. I've also been doing some work for Jake's dad on the side. I like to brag about how I work two jobs, but I don't think it really counts. I have plenty of time for playing around in the afternoons and I try my best to be a good wife. I'm really grateful that Jake works so hard to support our little family. He also looks really handsome in his work clothes!

Dinner Parties:
It seems like all our friends are so grown up these days. We used go out to pizza to catch up, now we make each other delicious home cooked meals and talk about our boyfriends, fiances, husbands, jobs, houses or career plans. We had a couple of these dinner parties in the last week and we really enjoyed seeing our good friends.

Jake and I have been skipping around trying to find a church in San Jose for a while now. We've finally begun getting involved at WestGate on Saratoga Ave. We're taking a class about the church and trying out all the programs. Jumping into a new community is hard, but we are being persistent and praying about it a lot.

Sorority Events & Meetings:
On Saturday I went to an alumnae brunch for Alpha Xi Delta in Sacramento. Besides the fact that being in Sacramento feels like standing in a giant oven, I had a blast meeting and mingling with my alumnae sisters. It really helped me remember that being in a sorority is not just for the four or five years you are in school; its for life! I've also been having a lot of meetings, conference calls and planning sessions getting our chapter geared up for the next semester. This will be my last semester as president, so it is important to me that I leave the chapter stronger than ever. This Fall, we will be participating in our first formal recruitment (a.k.a. a big deal in sororityland). There is a lot of preparation and effort that goes into recruitment. Because it is such a process, there is a good chance that there will be some blogging gaps over the next month. Please forgive me in advance!

Engagement Dinners:
Jake's sister Taylor just got engaged to her long-time boyfriend, Joe. The families are very excited! On Saturday, we went to their engagement dinner with both sides. We had a blast wining and dining at the White Crane Winery in Livermore. They even had a port sorbet! Trouble! I'm so excited because Taylor asked me to be one of her bridesmaids. This will be my first time in a wedding (besides my own, of course).

Me, my hubby & some champaign. Life is good.

Me, Taylor & Aimee (Joe's sister). Aimee and I are so excited to be bridesmaids!

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