Monday, January 17, 2011

Taking Back the Closet: Spring Fashion Forecast

Recently, I mentioned that I'm working on amping up my wardrobe. It is easy to fall behind on what's current or let our closets fill up with unflattering pieces, but at some point we have to bite the bullet and take back the closet.

The first step is a good clean sweep. Donate any clothing that is too small, severely outdated or unflattering to your body.

Next, make a shopping list like I did here. Your list should have basic items that your wardrobe is lacking. Try to brainstorm versatile items that will extend your closet by making the items you already own more wearable. Do your research about what type of item and possible pricing before you go hunting. Don't buy anything you don't LOVE and NEED!

After you restock you closet with some essentials, you can have a blast putting together new outfits and combinations. The most important thing is having classic, flattering pieces that work for you, but playing with fun new trends and wearing your clothes in brand new ways can be invigorating!

My best friend Megan is about as stylish as they come. If you've ever met her, you probably wanted to borrow something she was wearing. I know I've stolen quite a few things from her closet!

Megan works for Nordstrom, but she takes her inspiration from everywhere. She's fantastic! So, after I cleansed my closet and bought a few lively new items, I asked her to come over and do some styling. Megan put together a few different looks to illustrate some of the fun trends that are coming up for the Spring.

I hope you'll have as much fun reading this little fashion feature as we did putting it together! Enjoy!

{Pinkies Out}

Megan Says: The most prominent trend for the spring is proper, refined, and feminine. Think British Prep School. A striped cardigan can add a fun and flirty touch to a patterned dress. The heritage scarf and pearls add a vintage touch that makes it all very girly.

The Breakdown: Patterned Dress (Forever 21), Striped Cardigan (Forever 21), Brown Braided Leather Belt (Target), Black Cross Body Satchel (H&M), Silk Scarf, Long Strand Glass Pearls, Green Glass Cocktail Ring, Cognac Boots

{Places to Go, People to See}

Megan Says: This look is perfect for any girl on the go. A blazer cut right at the hip is flattering and classic, but the pink lining keeps it fresh and fun. An "Alli" or boxy top is a great look for the spring because you can wear it so many different ways; tucked into a skirt, with skinny jeans and boots, or loose with cuffed pants. It is comfortable and easy to wear, but still an upgrade from any t-shirt. Cocktail rings are a fun and flashy way to accessorize any outfit.

The Breakdown: Dark Wash Classic Rider Jeans (Lucky), Bird Patterned Boxy Top (Nordstrom Rack), Black Blazer with Hot Pink Lining, Silk Scarf, White & Gold Cocktail Ring (Forever 21), White Studded Bag (Steve Madden via Marshall's), Black Suede Pumps (Wild Diva)

{The Model Militia}

Megan Says: This outfit gets a great military inspired touch with the green cargo twill pant. It's a good pair to match with a vintage patterned scarf. The skinny cognac belt gives your body shape in any outfit. Lastly, layering necklaces is a good way to add a little shine to any outfit.

The Breakdown: Green Cargo Twill Pant (Nordstrom), Bark Patterned Boxy Top (Nordstrom Rack), Floral Print Scarf, Skinny Studded Belt (Target), Black Flats (Payless), Black Bow Clutch (Forever 21)

{We hope you're inspired! Now go get dressed!}
Styling: Megan Smith
Photography: Jake Curtis (Isn't hubby talented?) & Tobi Curtis

Side Note: Please excuse my shortie-short modeling, but we wanted to show real clothes that we really own on a real person. For reference, I'm 5'2" and there is no way I'm going to tell you how much I weigh. Let's just say I come from sturdy German stock. When we were reviewing the photos, Megan said something to the effect of, "Look how cute you are... like a mini horse!". Neigh.

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