Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Baby, it's cold outside...

We're eight days into December and I'm having Christmas cravings like a holiday addict. There is no good way to organize this post, so you're going to get a look inside my brain. I'm a list maker...

1. Schools Out: I have three classes, three finals and one project to go before Christmas break begins. It's different than other years, because Jake has a big kid job and I'll be working, but we are taking a whole week off from Christmas Eve to January 3rd. It's a beautiful glowing light at the end of a long semester's tunnel.

2. Christmas in the Cave: I'm going to reveal embarrassing private facts now (thats an actual legal term I learned in my Media Law class). Jake and I call each other bears. Well, actually we say it in a so-cute-it-makes-you-want-to-vomit way so that it sounds more like "beaws" really, and thats how we spell it. Well, it follows that since we are bears, this is our bear cave. And thats how we lovingly refer to our tiny little apartment home... the "beaw cave". Are you embarrassed for us yet? Like watching a cheesy teenage melodrama? Thought so.

Anyways, it is definitly Christmas in the cave. We bought our first Christmas tree. It's four feet tall, pre-lit and made of plastic. I'm in love.

Our Pandora is set to Christmas music and my blog list is full of holiday inspiration, so much so that I've decided on about five different advent calendars I'm going to make. Problem is, I haven't started a single one. It's our first Christmas as husband and wife, which is probably where this urge to over do it comes from. I'm doing a pretty good job at pacing myself though (being on a tight budget helps). Only two things are essential this year, our first tree and enough candles to lower our heating bill.

3. Sending our Love: We could not be more excited about Christmas cards this year. We ordered them from TinyPrints a few weeks ago and the anticipation has been killing me. I scoured the internet to see what the "proper" time to send Christmas cards is. I came up with nothing. Jake and I decided that any time after the 1st sounded acceptable. Ours will go out today or tomorrow!

On the receiving end, I'm happy to report that the winner of the "First Christmas Card Received in the Curtis House" Award goes to the Osbornes of Australia. Their card is wonderful and just as quirky as they are. My favorite part is the boxing Kangaroo.

4. The Reason for the Season: Christmas music and tree aside, there is one thing that has really filled us with Christmas joy this week. Along with a group of friends from church, we are adopting a family this year. Yesterday, we all pitched in and then split up to go shopping for them. We had the immense pleasure of skipping through the aisles at Michaels to put together an art kit and a stocking for a little girl who loves color and paint and putting stickers on things. We got to see the love and generosity of our friends as they unselfishly gave of themselves to help a family that needs it. We feel so blessed to be able to bless their Christmas this year. We have a Savior who loves us so deeply and completely that he died for us. He commanded us to love one another as he loved us. So, I guess we're just getting started.

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  1. yayayayayay! I am so glad the card got to you. You beaws are too cute. Merry Christmas! glad to see you are soaking up the season :-). loves.