Thursday, December 2, 2010

Where did November go?

Remember when I said we were tired from a big Halloween and were planning on coasting through November? Well, thats exactly what happened. In fact, we don't even know where November went!

It was a month full of stressful school projects, icy cold days and just plain busyness. We were thrilled to get the chance to go down to Southern California to visit my family. It was one of the most packed trips we've ever taken. We crafted and cooked, had two family get togethers and I went to a bridal shower for my good friend Emily.

The whole weekend proved one thing for sure... I might be talented at crafting and decorating, but my mother is a GENIUS! I hope I can be as good when I grow up. Sorry about the photo quality, all we had on us were our iPhones.

I was in charge of the kids' table. We combined a few different ideas. A map with boats, fall leaves, a paper turkey and super cute "corn poppers" with fun treats inside for the little ones! I can't wait to make it even better next year.

Now December is here and we couldn't be more excited! For once I feel ahead of the game. Our Christmas tree is up and our cards are addressed... now all thats left to do is the shopping!

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