Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Eighth Day of Christmas: Wrapping It Up

Wrapping It Up

I used to think I hated wrapping. Every year, my mother would get us all such a huge mountain of fabulous presents that no one person could possibly wrap them all. So, she would give each of us kids another kid's presents to wrap. She used to make us all go in different rooms and give us supplies. I HATED knowing what my sibling was getting, but not what I was getting. It made me crazy. You'd think your little brother or sister would tell you with a little bribery... but they won't.

This year, after we had such a blast buying presents for both our families, gift wrapping seemed like a lot more fun. We picked the perfect gifts and I wanted to make sure they looked great inside and out. Presentation counts in my world. I call it the "ATD factor"... attention to detail.

I went with plain craft paper because it's rustic, inexpensive and we can use the left overs throughout the year. Then I picked three types of ribbon, twine and cheap ornaments to dress it up and keep a running theme. We got 100 manila tags from Office Depot for just a couple of dollars and I stamped them to give our packages a clean finished look. It only took a few episodes of Bones and The Office to get them all done. We're gonna gift these pretty presents with pride.

Bows with Ornaments
Twine: For boys who could care less about ribbon.

Apple (Gift) Baskets
Natural Details
Easy Stamped Tags

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  1. Tobi - I loved your packages, so beautiful! Especially the ones with natural elements.

    So, just as they say in little league, "wait till next year" - it's gonna be hard competing with two Cricut - creative kids, but I'm ready! Bring it on!!

    Thanks again sweet Niece and Nephew.
    Auntie Dar