Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Ninth Day of Christmas: Early Christmases

Early Christmases

If you have inlaws who live more than an hour or so away, you might be familiar with early Christmas. My family is from Southern California and Jake's is in Northern California. That's seven hours apart and we haven't quite mastered being in two places at once yet (working on that).

Since we spent last Christmas in Chicago with the Curtises, we are spending this one in Orange County with the Richards. So on Wednesday night before we left, we celebrated Christmas early with the whole Curtis clan (or a lot of them anyways). We had a total blast!

In addition to the immediate family (+girlfriends & fiances), Jake's grandparents and his aunt and uncle, Dar and Dan were there too. Dan and Dar recently moved to Portland, so it is awesome to see them and catch up. Lita made a delicious lasagna dinner and there were plenty of Christmas cookies and treats for dessert. Then Jake and I opened our presents and handed out our gifts to the family.

Boy did we get spoiled by the Curtises! Jake got a fancy Keurig Machine and I got... (drumroll please) A CRICKET! Yes yes yes! I feel that I can do anything (crafty) now.

At the end of the night, after lots of laughs and love, we had to drive back to San Jose for one more day of work and to pack up to head down south. We definitely feel in the Christmas spirit. We love early Christmases and highly recommend them if you can manage!

Apology: I completely forgot my camera on this one... Oops.

Disclaimer: No header or fancy colored text tonight... I'm blogging from my iPhone while on the 5 headed down to SoCal. I'll make it pretty when I have real access later!

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