Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Tenth Day of Christmas: Holiday Travel Essentials

Holiday Travel Essentials

Right this second, we are celebrating Christmas Eve Eve by making a looooooong drive down to Lake Forest, California. Wow, this drive seems longer and more boring every time we do it. So, for the Tenth Day of Christmas, we have to give credit to our holiday travel essentials.

iPhones: Calls, texts, games, tunes, internet access. I'm blogging from my iPhone right now... need I say more? Just make sure that you aren't doing any of that stuff while driving, ok?

WetOnes: Because you know we have to have our In N Out to go, but it's nice to clean up greasey fingers afterwards. It's the little things.

Comfy Clothes: I'm not trying to make a fashion statement right now... I'm just getting from point A to point B. We keep it way way casual in this car.

Emergency Kit: As much as we hope nothing ever goes wrong, sometimes it does. We feel much better knowing that we have water and an emergency kit with jumper cables, a first aid kit, a flashlight, etc.

Your Best Friend: Especially if he drives the whole way and let's you nap and blog as much as you want!

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