Thursday, August 25, 2011


After our wonderful stay in Sorrento, it was time to leave Italy and head to Greece. We had a long coach ride down to the port of Brindisi and then an overnight ferry into Corfu. The overnight ferry was quite an experience. We had a (very very very modest) cabin and some people had airplane-type seats, but tons of other people didn't have seats at all. Instead, they set up camp in the halls and under the stair cases and just about wherever they could.

All of this leads me to the point that Greece is very different from the U.S. and even from Italy. It is much much much more relaxed... even to the point of disorganization. I'm not aware of any rules in Greece and it seems like everyone pretty much does what they want. For example, we had no safety briefing on our overnight ferry ride, designer knock offs are sold very openly in just about every store and Jake and I were able to go paragliding without signing any kind of waiver. Sometimes it's a little scary, but mostly its just good fun.

We arrived in Corfu around 4am, but our hotel rooms weren't available yet, so we all sat around in the hotel lobby or fell asleep on lounge couches or in corners. Around 10am, we headed down to the port for a day sailing on George's Boat. George's Boat is quite famous amongst visitors around here. George is a portly greek man in his 60s with a penchant for inappropriate jokes and the most amazing tzatziki dip ever made. He took us on a sailing cruise and then to a beautiful beach where Jake and I went paragliding for the first time. It was such an amazing experience. I thought it would be loud and cold up in the air, but it was peaceful and warm and it felt just like flying with a beautiful view. After we came down we all had lunch together and then spent hours swimming in the warm, clear water at the beach and at several other swim stops. Sailing back, it really hit me how lucky we are to be here. When we came back, we were able to check into our hotel and pretty much crashed for the night.

Greece is much more Americanized than Italy and we enjoyed having all of our favorite amenities back... a hotel pool, a blow dryer, tub WITH shower curtain, eggs, butter and toast for breakfast... it's the little things.

On the second day we wandered around the town of Corfu for some wonderful shopping in the narrow streets. In the afternoon, we had our first taste of real Greek food at a little shack-type place down the street called Captain George's... it was AMAZING. I have to say, Greek food puts Italian food to shame. I'm sure there are some wonderful restaurants in Italy that we haven't been to, but you can walk into any hole in the wall in Greece and get something delicious. So far we like mousaka, souvlaki, Greek salad, and chicken and chips and could literally eat gyros for every meal.

During our stay in Corfu, some of the Australians on our tour got curious about Greek life in American universities. Jake and I had a great time teaching them all about fraternities and sororities and answering all their questions. We even started a little society of our own. On the last night, three of the groups traveling in the area got together for one big Toga party on the island. It was a total blast and a great way to say goodbye to Corfu before we left the next morning.

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  1. you look so cute!!! You are making me want to go to Greece, the water looks amazing!

  2. I agree, Greece looks fabulous!! And that's so awesome that you had a toga party!!! :-p Sounds like an amazing trip.

  3. Hey,

    This might be a bit strange, but we have an 8-month old Vizsla. She has huge separation anxiety and I've been doing some research. I came across your questions from a while ago in a forum. Did Axel ever get over it? Find any solutions? Have any tips?

    Our puppy's name is Sloane and it sounds very similar to your situation. I just came home after leaving her for two hours and she's soaked from drooling. She's often yipping when we walk in the door.

    So sad. And disheartening.

    Feel free to email me!