Saturday, August 27, 2011

Patmos & Friends

Just returned to the ship from the tiny island of Patmos. Patmos is quiet and lovely and we mostly just laid on the beach, had a gyro and took a slow walk around the town.

We've been traveling with a group for the past couple weeks and haven't really mentioned them on the blog so far, so we wanted to give a quick shout out to our new friends from around the world.

Laura was our tour manager and turned out to be a great friend. She is from New Zealand, but she lives and works in Italy. She is known for her adorable accent; she says "heedseet" instead of headset, "peen" instead of pen and (most hilariously) "deek" instead of deck. We think Laura is the sweetest and we were pretty sad to leave her and most of the rest of the group when we left for the cruise.

Casey, Kelly and Kate are three Australian girls that we adore. They are traveling all over Europe. These three are all very different, but they are a blast to hang out with as a pack.

Britney is a Canadian girl who is always outrageous and fun. You can probably find her with a drink in her hand and enough attitude to pass around. She is joining us on the cruise.

Talia is a sweetheart, also from Canada. She always has something nice to say.

The Turner sisters are from Washington. They are down to earth and super easy to get along with. They can often be found hanging out with Amanda from Australia who is always fun to be around and can save your life in an emergency (she's an EMT). All three of these girls are on the cruise with us.

Damien and Emma are our closest buds on the tour and the cruise. These two are from Australia and they've been traveling around Europe for months. We like being around them because when we are together, we are usually laughing until it hurts. Damien has TONS of attitude and spunk and Emma's deadpan humor keeps him from going overboard. Just today, Damien and I went for gyros and I nearly died after laughing and choking on a piece of onion. We have a blast with them and are starting to pick up an Australian accent!

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