Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Our New Place!

I'm finally posting photos of our new apartment! So excited! We've been here for two weeks and we're loving it. I have to say, it might have been the easiest move I've ever made. I started packing four weeks before our move date and tried to keep everything as organized as possible. On the morning of the move plenty of family and friends showed up to help. We had six cars and trucks and only had to make one and a half trips. By one o' clock, my grandmother, mother in law and sister in law had the kitchen completely unpacked and put away. By the next day, we had everything unpacked, except for three boxes that I still haven't unpacked because I'm not sure about where to put the desk. A HUGE thanks to our family and friends who made it a happy and exciting weekend instead of a big hassle.

Because of our trip to Italy and Greece is just two weeks away, we aren't going to be able to start decorating our place until we return. We want our new home to have a very different feel than our old one, so it's been good to have some time to just be here and see what kind of inspiration arises. We have some big ideas for this place that I can't wait to get started on! So, without further delay... here's a house tour for you!

The Living Room
We are just overjoyed to finally having a living room without a bed in it! Our new one is spacious with cozy carpeting and lots of light. This room makes us realize how little furniture we own! The vaulted ceilings make it feel huge to us.

Design Plans
We want to fill out this room and make it a comfy, stylish place for entertaining. We are going to add two pieces to our Sactional to make a larger couch with a chaise and add three pieces to our Hemnes Bookshelf to fill the empty wall with an entertainment center. We will be replacing the coffee table with something visually lighter and adding an area rug and chairs.

My grandmother is passing on a large oil painting from her house that I have always loved for the wall behind the couch. The painting is yellows, golds and cremes. We are leaning towards a yellow, navy and touches of teal for this room.

The Patio
We are beyond excited to have a little deck! The Curtises surprised us big time and bought us a beautiful new grill after helping us move in. We love to grill just about any day of the week! There is also a very handy outdoor storage room. Jake and his dad installed some shelves and hooks inside the weekend after we moved in and we've already filled it up. Being on the third floor facing out of the complex gives us a great view of the hills.

Design Plans
We would like to add a small L-shaped bench and a couple ceramic side tables out here for lounging out on the deck with friends.

The Dining Room
It's so nice to have a dining room big enough for our table AND people at the same time.

Design Plans
We'd like to do a wall of enclosed bookshelves for dish display on top and hidden storage below. We might even look into doing a drop down secretary desk.

The Kitchen
The kitchen has got to be our favorite part of the house. We love everything about it. There is SO much cabinet space that we were able to bring home gifts from our wedding that we hadn't been able to have at our old place... including my mixer! We love the walk-through and the open counter which is perfect for entertaining. We've never had a dishwasher or a washer and dryer before, so having BOTH in one room is amazing for us.

The Bedroom
Having a bedroom is nothing exciting for most people, but when you've lived in a studio, it's a big deal. Of all the rooms in the house, this one is the least put together at the moment. We haven't decided whether to keep the desk in the bedroom or where else it might go and we have no bed frame or nightstands and very little light yet.

Design Plans
Of all the rooms, I am most excited to decorate this one. We are going to do a removable wallpaper pattern on the wall behind the bed with hot pink side tables for accent. We will be doing a pendant light in the middle of the ceiling and want to do shoe display shelves along the opposite walls. We want this room to be romantic and playful.

The Bathroom
Our new bathroom has lots of storage space, plenty of counter space and a tub! We like having the rooms partitioned so that someone can be in the shower while someone else is getting ready by the sink.

That's pretty much the tour of our new place. We can't wait to get started with the decorating in September! What do you think?

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  1. Congrats on the new place, it looks absolutely beautiful! I can't wait till you post pics once all of the decorating is done :-)