Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Our First Place

I apologize for how slow I have been in updating the blog. Now that we are moved in to the new place, we are only two weeks away from our big European vacation. It's amazing how long a to do list can get when moving in meets arrangements for being out of the country. Anyways, before I post photos of the new apartment (in a very raw state), I thought I should pay homage to our old place. This was our first apartment together and our well-loved home for a year. It was cozy, at only 310 square feet and there were some doors that could not be opened while others were in use, but we made do and loved every second.

The "Entry"
More Than Loved: our cute little porch, seeing some of our favorite things when we walked in the door
Less Than Loved: the sketchy alley in front of our cute little porch, being able to see EVERYTHING when we walked in the door

The "Living Room"
More Than Loved: our cuddle-inducing couch set up, the beautiful blinds and floors
Less Than Loved: sleeping in a loft bed (or "upstairs" as we liked to call it), not being able to entertain many friends at once, doing my hair and make up in the living room

The "Office"
More Than Loved: having a little nook for crafts, my collection of cards, photographs and memories
Less Than Loved: having to duck to sit under the bed

The Bathroom
More Than Loved: the splashes of teal, our perfect towel and laundry nook
Less Than Loved: the tiniest shower in the world, having to close one door to open another

The Kitchen
More Than Loved: having everything within reach, an easy to clean kitchen
Less Than Loved: the lack of counter and cabinet space, the VERY outdated appliances, the paint and cabinet choices

The "Dining Room"
More Than Loved: tons of natural light
Less Than Loved: not being able to open our table all the way

We are very proud about what we were able to do with this place and we can't wait until we can dive into decorating the new one!

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