Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A Brand New Old Bike

Big Sister-In-Laws are just like Big Sisters.
Case in point: Mine is already giving me hand-me-downs.

Jake has a fancy-shmancy salaried job (I am very proud of my working man). He works 8am-5pm every day. Problem is, we have one car and I only work from 10am-2pm. So from 2 to 5:30 or so when he gets home, I can think of a million things to do/errands to run, but I'm stranded. I guess stranded is a relative term, since we do live in a very small downtown area. I can walk places, but it is very time consuming and can be taxing (like two weeks ago when I walked home from the grocery store with about eight bags, including two pounds of flour and a container of OJ... what was I thinking?).

Problem Solved!

We were in Brentwood this weekend and Jake and Mike pulled Taylor's old bike from Santa Barbara down for me. This bike has some serious character. It's a blue and white cruiser with a basket in the front and white walled tires. It has some rust and some beauty marks from years of use near the ocean... but it's awesome.

Yesterday Jake took me and my brand new old bike to a bike store and we fixed her up real nice. She got new tubes and a super huge and comfy new "saddle" (thats bike lingo). I rode it home and surely could have beat Jake in the car if I hadn't been enjoying myself so much, or stopped to show off my brand new old bike to some friends. I had forgotten that riding a bike is exhilarating. Especially when there is no air conditioning in your apartment, it is the most amazing thing to do on a summer day. I'm in love.

Pictures (and maybe even video) soon... I promise.

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