Monday, June 28, 2010

A Couch Story

Chapter One: How We Got There
Sometimes I convince Jake to go to the mall. It always starts as a small request. On Saturday, it was a pair of shorts. So we went to the mall for a pair of shorts and we found them. Then Jake remembered he needed some new dress shirts, and he found them, but not before I saw that Ann Taylor Loft was having a big sale. Plus, the dress shirts happened to be right across from the Apple Store. If we EVER go to the mall without stopping to play in the Apple Store, you'd better pick up some bottled water and blankets, because the world is ending. While we were in the Apple Store I remembered that I needed a pair of shoes and jeans to go with those shoes and a tank top would be nice because its so hot...

I think you get the picture.
Jake + Tobi + Mall = Variations on "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie"
If you have not read that book, I highly recommend it.
But that is not the point of this story.
The point is: We went to the mall for some shorts.

Chapter Two: Stumbling into LoveSac
Well, we were feeling pretty worn out when we headed up the escalator to "one last shop". At the top, Jake casually pointed out the LoveSac store. He'd never heard of it. If you are like Jake and you have never heard of LoveSac, I'll fill you in. They make these massive-awesome bean bags. "Massive" as in for up to four people. They are super fun. I wanted to show Jake, so we went inside. Our feet were tired and sitting in a massive-awesome bean bag chair sounded nice. We didn't end up sitting in a massive-awesome bean bag chair though, we ended up sitting on a cute little couch.

"Whats this you say!?!? LoveSac makes couches??"
"Well... ya. I was surprised too!"

Let me back up for a second...
We came to the mall for a pair of shorts. People do not go to the mall to buy couches. Especially from places that sell bean bags. We had been thinking about couches, but we had a couch. We weren't in love with it, but we had one. Don't get me wrong: We were very grateful for our hand-me-down couch. It's just that... it had pretty much seen its glory days and now it had to wear this awful cover that bunched up every time you sat on it. Regardless, we had looked into the issue and decided to keep it around for at least another year. We didn't want to buy a cheaper Ikea couch, just to trash it in a year if we have a bigger or nicer place. We were sticking it out.

Back to us sitting in the LoveSac store...
We were talking to the salesman, Matt, who wore a tie with jeans, cause LoveSac is classy-casual like that. This couch just kept making more and more sense...

1. LoveSac couches, called SACtionals, are completely modular. Every couch, no matter how big or small, is made of the same pieces. That means we could have a small couch now and just add on to it later if we get a bigger place. We can even move the pieces around to change up the style of our little couch.

While they are modular, they are also extremely sturdy. Jake got to jump and and down on one and check out all the hardware (which is easy snap-in stuff). Every Sactional also has a life-time warranty.

2. Sactionals are completely covered... and you can't even tell. Every piece has a tight, individual cover that looks just like upholstery. They are completely washable from top to bottom and you can change the look of your couch any time.

3. Sactionals are very very comfy. MmmmHmmm.

After hanging out at LoveSac for a little while, we were pretty much sold on a Sactional. Jake closed the deal and I picked the fabric and we were like "Whaaaaat? We just bought a couch at the mall from a bean bag store?" and they were like "Yes, please pull your car around."

Chapter Three: Bringing Our Sactional Home
Sactionals are packed really well, so we could fit the whole thing in the back of the Subaru. Wanna know what a Sactional looks like in the wrapping?

First, you got the basic pieces.

Then, you slide the covers on. They are tight... this is a two person job.

Pretty soon, you've got sides and bases and cushions galore!

Then, you've gotta configure the couch you want, snap it all together...


There might be some casualties....

...but at the end of the day you are going to have one good-looking Sactional.

Thats right... one Sacsy Sactional.

I don't think we could be prouder of our new couch. We know its going to be with us for a long long time. I almost forgot about those shorts...

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  1. "loveSAC" is a funny name. i've sat in one of their beanbag chairs at the mall and i almost fell asleep; it was so comfortable. i'm sure you two are enjoying your new purchase.