Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Party Gene

Parties are in my blood. Not falling-down-drunk-basement-parties or way-boring-grab-a-couple-balloons-and-call-it-a-party-parties... serious. themed. parties. Let me back up a little...

When I was a kid, my mother took parties very seriously. My brother once had a zoo party with live baby animals to pet. I had a ballerina birthday where we decorated tutus, danced with a professional ballerina and feasted on a ballerina bear cake. My favorite birthday of all time was a tea party where me and all my friends got dressed up from a bin of plastic accessories and then proceeded to an elaborate tea party my mom staged on our balcony. Sprite tea and Dr. Pepper tea were served. The pictures are ridiculously cute. There were always adorable themed decorations and treats to match. Holidays were equally as extravagant (I already told you about Halloween here). The bottom line is: Parties are in my blood. I love to entertain.

With the wedding over and some summer time on my hands, I've got new hobbies, goals and obsessions. I've been feeling quite domestic. New cookbooks, new recipes, new blogs (about decorating, travel, cooking, baking, organizing). I even made chocolate chip cookies from scratch yesterday! Then I came upon Hostess with the Mostest. How could I, my mother's daughter, not be tantalized by this blog!? It's just parties, parties, parties! I'm looking for excuses now... why does Jake's birthday have to be all the way in September!?

Luckily, my husband loves the crazy-creative-party-craving-part of me. He's given me free reign to party on down. I'm starting simple... an openhousewarming. The theme is "Our Nest" and the color scheme is chocolate brown and robin's egg blue. I'm having so much fun deciding what snacks to serve and what bird-themed decorations to use! I'll keep you posted...

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  1. How could you forget to mention the "Seaworld Back Stage" Birthday Party, where we got to pet Shamu or the "Under the Sea" party with the "bouncie submarie" pulled up in the driveway or the "Dance" Party complete with live(professional) DJ or the Birthday "Olympics" or the "Zoo" Birthday with a train ride to and from the the San Diego Zoo or the "Winter Wonderland" sledding Birthday Party...well I guess I can see why you didn't mention them all, there are just too many of them. Be careful, it can be quite an expensive little mania. Not to mention the constant pressure find new and fabulous ideas and themes. Once the ball is in motion is is hard to stop, unless of course it simply runs you over.