Saturday, June 12, 2010

Jake's Graduation!

Jake Graduated on May 29th with a B.S. in Administration with a concentration in Management (He loves to practice these skills on me). Everyone we know is so proud of Jake for being such a diligent student and for graduating in four years flat (A challenge at today's state school). Mike, Lita and I attended the School of Business commencement on Friday. On Saturday the whole gang came out, including Mike, Lita, Nick, Taylor & Joe, and the Richards Family. Jake & I wanted to be together down on the field, so I borrowed a cap and gown and snuck down on the field. It wasn't very challenging. In fact, the photo company has been sending me reminders to order copies of the graduation picture proofs they sent me! Spoiler Alert: The following post contains pictures of what I will look like next year when I graduate.

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