Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Honeymoon...

Everyone keeps asking how the Honeymoon was and we have to answer that it was, undeniably, AMAZING. There is no doubt in our minds that we certainly over-extended ourselves this past year, so having a few days to really rest and relax was just what we needed. Our final destination was a bit too far away to drive right after the wedding, so we stayed at the more local Lafayette Park Hotel for the first night. Our King Fireplace sweet was luxurious and they had chocolate covered strawberries and champaign waiting for us when we arrived. After spending a night in a bed so soft, you could hardly see out of it, we spent part of the day lounging out by the pool. Before leaving, we had our first (but certainly not last) couple's massage. Jake had never had a massage before, and I could tell he was impressed! Afterwards, they served us chocolate and champaign on our own private sun deck and we discussed how we should honeymoon more often!
Finally, we made the three or four hour drive down to Cambria. If you were to drive down to Paso Robles, hang a right and drive out to the coast, you would be in Cambria. We chose Cambria because it is quiet, has great food, and is so quintessentially California. We chose right. We stayed at the White Water Inn, which is on the end of a string of little inns and B&Bs that face out toward the ocean. Our suite had a sitting room with a view of the coast and a private patio with a two-person jacuzzi and a view of the ocean. We spent a lot of time in our jacuzzi with a bottle of our wedding campaign, enjoying the ocean breeze. There is nothing like the service you get when you stay in a smaller inn. At the White Water Inn, they bring a breakfast tray to your room every morning with freshly baked muffins and bagels, fruit, coffee and orange juice. Much to Jake's delight, they also wash your car windows every day!

We ate a lot of good food (we now have a clam chowder rating system) and spent one day touring the nearby Hearst Castle. Honeymoons must be lucky because in all the times I've been to the Castle, I've never seen the famed zebras. This time we did! They were practically posing for us! The elephant seals that nap on the beach up the road were also feeling photogenic, but we decided they just weren't as cute as the zebras. At the end of the trip, we were sad to go back to the "real world", but we made each other a promise to try to make every day something like the honeymoon. We're doing well so far!

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