Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Do you read our blog?

Do you read our blog?

I know you do. You're reading it right now.
Well, how come you never comment?

You always tell me about the posts you liked when I see you on campus.
And you remind me to post when I haven't in a while.

But how am I supposed to know what you want to hear about if you never comment?
How do I even know you are out there???
Am I talking to myself here?

I think you should start commenting every now and again.
It would make us really happy.
Really Really Happy.

You could start right now!
On this very post!

Comment and let us know what your favorite stuff to hear about is... Favorite post? Stuff you never want to hear me talk about again? Hey, why didn't I get that pink chair? Why doesn't Jake spend his whole work day blogging? When will you people get a puppy already? Does Taylor have any more hand-me down bikes around? Who is your favorite groomsman? I really think you should stop typing now, Tobi.


  1. Dear Tobi,

    You're my favorite blogger around. :) I love reading about your new life, and I get a bit anxious when you neglect your little webspace for a few days. I'd like to hear about your vacation/adventure plans in a future posting.



  2. DOES taylor have any more hand me down bikes?! like i said before, i always read your blog, so keep the updates coming :)