Saturday, June 19, 2010

I'm Writing a Cookbook.... NOT!

I love cookbooks... the glossy full colored pictures, the interesting and heartfelt introductions and the notion that anything in the world would be possible, if only I kept such items as Montrachet crumbled goat cheese, capers or Greek yogurt in my own tiny pantry. Unfortunately, I don't. The truth is, we just can't eat every meal out of a cookbook.

Normally, I'm cooking family recipes that we know by heart, something I've picked up from a magazine or blog and, on occasion, something new from a cookbook. Once each recipe has proven itself, I like to compile it into my own book of recipes that I can reference easily for weeknight dinners without having to remember where it came from.

I made this easy and durable little cookbook with a cheap photo album from Target and some regular notecards. The plastic slips keep my recipes safe from moisture and sticky fingers and make it easy for me to add and remove recipes whenever I find them.

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